When using our services, you will notice a reduction in your real estate tax bill which will lower your monthly mortgage payments. We understand that your tax money belongs to you, and we will make sure you receive the maximum tax refund possible. Let us start recovering the money that rightfully belongs to you today!

Areas of specialization:

  • Overcharged and Overpaid Property Taxes Recovery
  • Appeals &  Tax Reduction of Cook County Residential & Commercial Properties

The LIHTC Group helps Cook County homeowners receive the property tax refunds they are entitled to due to overpaid taxes. These amounts can reach $10,000. However,  there is a time limit to recover these taxes, and Cook County is not required to notify you. Once this deadline is missed, the opportunity to receive your property tax refund check is lost forever.

This refund program will soon expire and may not be extended.

We assemble the necessary documents and meetings with various Cook County agencies, enabling us to recover your full property tax refund(s). Only when your refund check(s) have been issued are we entitled to a reasonable 1/3 percentage of those property tax refunds.

We pride ourselves in returning money to Homeowners.