“The LIHTC Group secured a price of nearly $2,000,000 more than the large national company said they could get me”

Todd Borck – American Realty Development, LLC

Alfred "Alf" McConnell


“I’ve worked with Chris Scanlan and The LIHTC Group for several years and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of effort put forth by Chris to find a buyer for my Illinois property. After initially being told by a major national brokerage firm in the Affordable Housing industry, that they had covered the market completely, Chris Scanlan surprised me when he said he had a buyer for my 155-unit, Section 42, tax-credit property. I was surprised when I learned that the potential buyer was local and had a firm foothold in the community, but yet, this potential buyer had never been contacted by the large, above-mentioned brokerage firm.”

“My experience with Chris Scanlan was that he was completely involved in the process, from initial underwriting to debt options, and ultimately, sales range. I did end up closing on this property and would highly recommend Chris Scanlan and his team. Anyone looking to sell affordable housing assets should look to The LIHTC Group for the disposition their assets. I felt my experience was better with a smaller firm because my asset did not get lost amongst the 50 other listings of this large, national broker. I greatly appreciate the personal attention and aggressive (yet diplomatic) pricing and salesmanship that Chris put forth relative to my property. Chris in indeed a gentleman.”

Todd Borck


“My experience with Chris Scanlan and The LIHTC Group has been phenomenal! I was presented a listing agreement (for my 140-unit apartment community) by a large national affordable-housing brokerage firm. The proposed listing price was $6,000,000, and I was told that this price is what the property was worth. However, I opted to go with Chris Scanlan and his team. Within 10 days, The LIHTC Group was able to secure a buyer for my property for almost $8,000,000 (nearly $2,000,000 more than the value placed on my property by the large national firm. I would highly recommend that any potential seller of affordable housing contact Chris and his group if you are looking to obtain the highest price available in the market place for your property.”

Roseann Schumacher


“When Chris and Wanda first called me to inquire if I would be willing to sell my apartment building, I told him, “Do you know that I’m a real estate broker?” Chris replied, “No, I did not, but I’ve helped other apartment building owners, who were also brokers, sell their properties at prices they didn’t think was possible. Chris told me that he was not looking to put my property on the MLS, Costar, or any other listing service. He went on to explain to me that, during the past 20+ years, he had compiled a comprehensive, private database of apartment building investors, that he would pre-screen and select potential buyers (based on their specific needs and what they were looking to invest in), and then, and only then, he would contact them about my building. I was absolutely shocked when The LIHTC Group team brought me a purchase contract for a price nearly 15% more than I had been told by other brokers, and Chris did so within a week. In the sales meetings at my brokerage firm, I talk about Chris’s and Wanda’s presentation and professionalism. Chris and his team can truly deliver positive results.”

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